Our Philosophy

Transitional care programming relies heavily on the philosophy of peer support and involvement for recovery. At Palm Coast Transitions, we understand that most individuals feel like their life is over because of the belief they will not be able to have fun in recovery. These are the same fears that we had in early recovery as well. We strive to show our clients what it’s like to laugh, engage, and have a community of their peers that care for, and support them on their recovery journey. Palm Coast Transitions begins by engaging our clients in adventure-based activities. By showing our clients a life worth living right away, it allows them to get onboard to do the work that is ahead. Palm Coast Transitions’ goal is to help provide support and structure to our clients as they transition into a life of long-term sobriety and recovery. By providing our clients with the tools and guidance that they will need; it is our hope that they will be able to regain their self-respect, motivation and commitment to succeed in this lifelong journey of recovery. We at Palm Coast Transitions know that change is not an easy process, especially when it comes to staying clean and sober. We realize that true sobriety/recovery is not easy. It requires dedication, hard work, and support from others. The professional staff at Palm Coast Transitions works directly with treatment programs and therapists our clients may be involved with during their stay at our Transitional Sober Living home.

Personal Connection

The professional staff at Palm Coast Transitions will communicate with not only the client but also their family, and their sober living treatment providers to develop an individualized plan to achieve long term recovery. We are dedicated to creating an individualized, holistic recovery plan for each of our residents. Each plan strives to address the psychological, spiritual, financial, educational, and vocational needs of each client.

Individualized Care

Each client has individual and unique needs, that is something we, at Palm Coast Transitions, take very seriously. Upon arrival, all clients will receive a comprehensive clinical assessment and a clinical program recommendation from Palm Coast Recovery Center. Based on the clinical assessment, most clients are recommended for outpatient services. This typically occurs during the first 4-8 weeks of their stay. In addition, it may be recommended that they participate in individual, family or group therapy while at Palm Coast Transitions. With an array of clinical services offered to our clients at Palm Coast Recovery Center, Palm Coast Transitions will be able to support them in their transition.

Life Skills and Support

Palm Coast Transitions focuses on helping our clients build a foundation in recovery while learning to cope with the reality of life without substances. From there we are aware the work is not done. We seek to continue and forge a meaningful path in becoming a self-sufficient and self-sustaining adult. Our clients will receive support with money management, life skills, motivational interview training, and support educational development. Palm Coast Transitions will assist with employment options. We will strive to provide our clients with jobs, as well as transportation to and from work or school.

The Path to Self-Sufficiency

Palm Coast Transitions' fundamental goal is to support our clients to find a life worth living in recovery and to become productive, self-sufficient individuals. During their stay, clients will learn how to transition back to independent living and begin seeking permanent independent living arrangements. Our clients will gain that meaningful life that they set out for.