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First, we need to make sobriety attractive by showing our clients that life is not boring just because you stopped using alcohol and drugs. We do this by helping our clients build a community of their peers and engaging in adventure based activities such as paddle boarding, skim boarding, surfing, fishing, yoga and many other options available to us in the beautiful Palm Coast. After our clients are bought into a new way of life, the second step is helping them to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient adults. There are many times that we see clients want to be sober, but their lack of life skills becomes too much. This leads them back to a drink or a drug due to a lack of coping skills. By having strong relationships in the community, we are able to help our clients find employment and begin making a living. With Palm Coast being an extremely affordable place to live, we help our clients build a budget based on expenses in the community. This allows them to begin the process of saving money and sets them up to succeed upon discharge. If the client decides to discharge into the community, they can begin to integrate into life on their own, while still leaning on the community they have built at Palm Coast Transitions.

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Structured Sober Living

Located in Palm Coast, Florida

Our founders of Palm Coast Transitions have over twenty years experience in the transitional care industry. We have found over time the key to long-term sobriety is two fold.

Based on our years of experience in the industry, we have seen this approach have the greatest outcome of success for creating long term recovery.